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I recently published a new SPN fanfic and got a racist comment via PM from a well-known SPN FF author (who I’ve been recced, but I will not be reading her stories now).

At first, she didn’t seem to know she was being racist, and she kept saying it as a compliment and when I told her that it WAS racist, she told me I was getting personal. Then she said that it was a fact, and even if I don’t like it, it doesn’t make it racist. I replied saying that most racist people think their racist thoughts are facts. Really contemplating reporting her now. I think I’ve been too polite.

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The tent was wet and smelt of mould, which Hermione tried futilely to scrub away in order to while away the bulk of the silence between them, and Harry watched her intently. It would’ve been so, so easy to run away together and live on the other side of the world, and no one would blame them for it. Moreover, Harry could imagine living with Hermione for the rest of his life, and the idea didn’t scare or startle him half as much as it should’ve done.

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A month after he and Bobby had buried him there, Sam sat and stared at the fresh sprigs of grass shooting up from the grave as if they were the last thing in the world left of Dean. “You know…dad probably never knew about us the whole time, the things we did in the dark; he wouldn’t have been so quick to leave us alone if he had.”

Sam inhaled sharply, stifling his shuddering lower lip as that first taste of demon blood burned off in his veins and left him craving more, and whispered, “Everyone I love dies, Dean, and I can’t do a damned thing to stop it, can I?”

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not sure if you're still doing this, but if you are, sam/ruby and dean/lisa pleeeease



Sam Winchester is my puppet, and just knowing that is like 100-proof liquor — thick as my blood dribbling down his pathetic chin, and intoxicating as hell. I, Lucifer’s most loyal servant, will bring down the Boy King so low that he will open the doors and let my Father free, and he doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

And they call me the bitch.


Even if he were twenty years older, Lisa would’ve known Dean Winchester anywhere — and he was standing at her door. Her jaw fell slack as a hundred warm, liquid memories trickled into her very core and reminded her why she’d had vivid dreams about this man for years after their one and only weekend together. Then he smiled, and she clutched the door frame to keep from melting onto the floor.



We’re turning 200!

Episode five of Season 10 of Supernatural will be our show’s 200th episode! This is a huge achievement in television, and one that we want to make a lot of noise about.

This project aims to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Supernatural celebrating the SPN Family. We are each a fan of the show and we love it for many different reasons but collectively we have formed this community made up of fans from around the world, as well as the talented cast, crew,  writers and producers who bring this story to life every week.

All you have to do is take a selfie. Whether you’re a fan or an actor, a writer or a member of the crew we’d like everyone to take part.

We will take all the selfies and make them into a digital photo mosaic, with a design that will commemorate the 200th episode. This will be made into prints and postcards that will be sent to every person who works on the show, and they will be available to fans as well.

The 200th episode will film in Vancouver in mid-late August and probably air sometime in November. We are currently aiming to have the project completed to distribute by August.

So all you need to get involved is to take a selfie! On your own or with a bunch of friends. You can be in cosplay or just wearing a smile. It might be a selfie you took while watching the finale or at a Con you went to.

Send your photo to Please include your name, nickname or handle, and the city and country of where you are from.

You can also send any questions to that address. I will post a FAQ in the coming week.

This project is being put together by a group of passionate fans including me, Jules Admin of the SupernaturalWiki. 


For those who are wondering if I forgot about SSaB, I haven’t, and the next chapter is with the beta. :D I was just busy with the Big Bang, and SSaB is getting harder to write as I approach the end, mostly because I’m a lame-ass wimp. But I’m not going anywhere! Thank you for being so wonderful, and for reading my fic! :)


We always talk about the first time Remus sees Harry on the train, but what about Sirius?

Having just broken out of Azkaban; being hunted. His body is screaming, having been worked more than it had been in years, and so his mind, screaming, singularly, Harry, Harry, Harry.

He stops at Godric’s Hollow and sees the cottage, finds Prongs and Lily, spends the night at their graves. But he keeps moving on, because

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